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is a one person consultancy performing mainly critical reviews on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies according to the international standards ISO 14040 + 14044. These reviews are conducted in most cases by little teams of LCA experts in varying composition depending on the topic of the study and on the country in which the LCA has been commissioned and/or performed. Such countries are in alphabethical order:


Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and the supranational European Union.


The commissioners are companies, industrial trade associations, governments and international organisations. The practitioners are mostly consultancies specialized in LCA, university institutes or experienced groups in companies.


LCA Consult & Review has performed about 70 critical reviews.


New: An ISO Technical Specification (TS) on Critical Review in Life Cycle Assessment has been developed: ISO TS 14071:2014


ISO TS 14071


Life cycle assessment — Critical review processes and reviewer competencies — Additional requirements and guidelines to ISO 14044


Convener: Philippe Osset (Solinnen, Paris)


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